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For answers and insight into all of the mysteries of your life, visit us today in Chicago Land Area.

Astrology Readings

We can perform a wide variety of astrology readings in Chicago, IL, to discern your future and provide you with guidance. Whether it's tarot cards or palmistry, we will provide you with the advice and direction you need.

Readings & Meditations

Healing Crystals

We provide many products that can further aid you in your spiritual growth. Visit us today to browse our selection of soothing candles and energizing healing crystals.

Crystals & Candles

Holistic Spiritual Healing Services

It’s hard to go through life without any form of suffering. Sometimes, you need a soothing, helpful hand to help you recover from troubles that shake you to your core. Astrology Readings by Natalie offers spiritual healing services in Chicago, IL, that focus on applying positive energy and transcendent connection to give you rest and relief.

We want to give you the power to reinvigorate your life, pushing past your normal limitations to discover a deep, abiding peace that starts with your most essential self. Through our founder’s unique insights and skills, you can find out where feelings of unease originate and combat them through longstanding spiritual traditions that have given countless people a way to move past negativity.

A Higher Understanding

Before you can heal, you need to know what the problem is in the first place. Through methods like dream analysis, we can help you unravel mystery and metaphor, pursuing the true issue at the heart of your discomfort. From interpreting signs to explaining concepts like chakra, we offer all the information you need to develop a rounded knowledge of your spiritual needs.

Once we know exactly what you require to be your best self, we can help you get it. Our office carries a wide range of benign, life-enhancing options to give you help when you need it most. Don’t suffer in silence when advice is only a call away. We will do everything in our power to bring you the answers and solutions that you desire -- all you need to do is reach out.

Robust Spiritual Remedies

Whether it’s through our aromatherapy candles or our healing crystals, we work hard to source authentic metaphysical solutions. Let your mind expand and give your spiritual self the time-honored respite of our available remedies. With guidance from us, you can explore all your options for healing, confidently taking your first steps toward a better life.

We can help you understand the ancient uses of aromatherapy, which minerals are right for which situations, and also provide classical readings that allow you to pinpoint a solution that’s right for your future. See what our sources of positivity and crystal energy can do to help you by scheduling an appointment as soon as you’re ready.

Contact us today to mend your mind and spirit with help from an experienced guide. We proudly serve Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas.

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About Us

We all have questions that we're seeking the answers to. Astrology Readings by Natalie provides psychic and spiritual services that will help you get past the obstacles in your life and find the best course you should take. Our founder was born with the ability to pick up on chakras, auras, and vibrations, and these talents have run in her family for generations. She can utilize her abilities to assess your past and present and provide clarity and guidance about the most difficult aspects of your life. Reach out to us at our Chicago office to schedule an appointment.


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